Teeth Whitening

teeth-whiteningThere’s no question that one of the first thing someone notices about you when you walk into a room is your smile. What does your smile say about you? Does it tell others that you are a strong and confident individual, or do you find yourself hiding your smile with even the slightest hand gestures. Often, it takes nothing more than an easy teeth whitening procedure to amp up that smile and get you turning heads in every room you enter.

We specialize in the advanced teeth whitening system known as Pola, offering two convenient and affordable choices to improve your smile either at home or in the office. Both of these systems are easy and promise to give you dramatic results.

What are the Benefits of the Pola System?

– the Pola teeth whitening system is extremely safe, and very effective … producing dramatic and lasting results.
– Easy and comfort are at the top of our priorities
– It is an ideal choice for those who may have “sensitive” teeth
– Pola is a reliable whitening systems provided to you by dental professionals

Polanight Teeth Whitening

This is our “at home” system, giving you the ability to whiten your teeth right at home. Trays are custom fit to your specifications, making this option not only extremely convenient, but comfortable as well. All you need to do is wear the trays that contain the whitening gel for thirty minutes every day for ten days, and you’re smile will be whiter, brighter, and beautiful.


This is our “in office” procedure, and the fastest way to achieve a whiter smile that you’ll love. During the Polaoffice treatment, gel is applied to your teeth in the comfortable surroundings of our office and whitens teeth from fifteen minutes to a full hour. Our friendly and courteous office staff will ensure that all your needs are met while you whiten your way to a stunning new you.

*For the whitest smile possible, we may recommend a combination of both “at home” and “in office” treatments.

Contact our office today to find out more about how the Pola teeth whitening system will give you an amazing, bright smile.


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