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kids-dentistryCreating a dental routine can ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles for your child. Baby teeth are important teeth and cavity prevention starts even before the first tooth appears. The ADA recommended the first dental visit take place within 6 months after the first tooth appears. Although the first visit is mainly for the dentist to examine your child’s mouth and check growth and development, it’s also about getting the child comfortable at the dental office. Your child’s dental exams and cleaning focus on maintenance of the teeth and mouth through teeth cleaning, dental sealants, fluoride, polishing, and radio graphs.


Fluoride is a mineral that helps make tooth enamel more resistant to decay. It also helps repair weakened enamel. The dentist will discuss with you, your child’s fluoride needs based on their age, diet, home water supply, and rate of cavities.


Although brushing and flossing can remove food particles and plaque from the smooth surfaces of the teeth, this cannot always get into all the nooks and crannies of the back teeth. Dental sealants are a think plastic coating painted on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. The sealant bonds into the small grooves forming a protective shield over the enamel of each tooth.

Mouth Guards – Family Dentistry Kids Needs

When it comes to protecting your mouth, a mouth guard is an essential piece of sports equipment. Your dentist will take to you about selecting and fabricating a mouth guard that will provide the best protection.

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